Welcome to Nottingham.pm

Welcome to the Nottingham Perl Mongers group. We're a group of people united by a common interest in the Perl programming language, among other things. We meet up each month and talk about Perl, or other things that interest us ... ok, mostly it's other things that interest us. :-)

Nominally the group exists to promote interest in, and support users of, Perl, but we're about the furthest thing from an advocacy group you can imagine. Mostly we're just a bunch of friendly people with some shared interests who get together for a chat once in a while.

Get In Touch

In addition to this website, we have a mailing list kindly hosted by pm.org. You can read about it and subscribe at http://mail.pm.org/mailman/listinfo/nottingham-pm — there are also archives, visible to subscribers. Alternatively you can come find us on IRC (irc.perl.org, #nottingham.pm), via our Twitter account, @nottinghamperl, or find us on Facebook.

Upcoming Events

We usually meet socially once a month in central Nottingham. The first arrivals are usually from 7, but we're usually there until late on so don't feel you have to rush in for 7. Unless you're bringing the camel, then you should probably get a move on.

Our next social will be on Thursday, September 25th 2014 at the Canalhouse, on Canal St (a short walk from the station, and from Broadmarsh).

From October 2014 (date TBC) we plan to start our technical meetings! These are not as scary and intimidating as they sound, but rather a less alcohol-centric environment, in which those who wish to present a short talk (anything from 5 minutes to 50 minutes) to other interested Perl geeks can do so — maybe to drum up interest in a project, to dry-run a talk intended for a larger audience, or just to share something cool they've learned or been working with recently. Venues and dates are still being worked out, details will be available here once confirmed — for the most up-to-date news, you may prefer to join the mailing list or IRC channel, or find us on Twitter (see above).

We now have an ical calendar for upcoming events Get it here

Past Events

We've been meeting socially since around July 2013, and have pretty much settled on a stable date. Usually there are 4-6 Perl-geeks and 1 camel around a table, and conversation ranges across every topic ... except Perl :-) We often meet at the Canalhouse, but we're open to branching out and trying new venues — maybe even (gasp) away from the city centre. Pubs with quality real ale, no loud music, and a decent chance of getting enough tables on a Thursday night are strongly preferred!

If you want to know more, come and join us :-)